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Telecom Yearbook - Key Industry Analyses of telecommunications

Forum Editorial has been publishing the Anuário Telecom for 31 years without interruption, an analysis of the economic and financial performance of companies operating in the Brazilian telecommunications market. It draws an X-ray of the sector through the ranking of the 100 largest telecom companies in the country, according to their net revenue, chooses the Highlight of the Year companies in each of the segments that make up the Brazilian telecom market and elects the Company of the Year. All data are analyzed by the team that produces the Telecom Yearbook, under the supervision of professors from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of São Paulo.. The role of SM+ is the development and marketing of advertising actions, tailored for companies, with the aim of inserting them in this suitable environment for exposing their brands and offering solutions to the market.


watch launch live award 

of the main companies

of the IT industry of 2022

The launch event brought together executives

of important companies 

from the IT sector

na night of November 10, 2022

SM+ and Fórum Editorial maintain a long-standing successful partnership.

The projects resulting from this partnership are innovative and carry the DNA of their managers; the expertise of a renowned journalist who is a reference in his field of activity and of a creative, dedicated publicistand passionate about what she does.
The work developed together has a unique synergy that is the result of many years of joint action in projects aimed at companies and executives in the IT and Telecom sectors. This partnership has expanded to other segments with the arrival of the Digital Transformation, but it carries in its essence the objective of generating actions that can add results to its clients.

The union of these expertises is the result of good projects and focused on results

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TELECOM DIRECTORY - previous editions

A reference in the market

Download and have it in your hands 

the longest time series of IT industry analysis

Anuário Telecom 2022


Anuário Telecom 2022

anunario_telecom_2021-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2021

anuario-telecom-2020-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2020

anuario-telecom-2019-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2019

anuario-telecom-2018-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2018

AnuarioTelecom2017-3-min-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2017

AnuarioTelecom2016-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2016

AnuarioTelecom2015-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2015

AnuarioTelecom2014-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2014

anuario-telecom-2013-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2013

AnuarioTelecom2012-1 copy.jpg


Anuário Telecom 2012

    "A professional partnership of more than 30 years is not consolidated without some basic ingredients such as trust, empathy and cooperation. This has been the trajectory of

SM+ with Forum Editorial.

    A partnership like this inevitably creates personal bonds and makes us, much more than mere work colleagues, transforms us into friends. This has been my journey with Silvia. We are friends who learned to exchange experiences, collaborate in the creation and execution of projects. Together we always seek to innovate for our community of readers, advertisers and customers, with ties that go far beyond financial results. All of our joint initiatives bear the unsurpassable mark of value generation and strict observance of ethical principles.
    I have no doubt that the success of this partnership will continue to be reflected in the success of companies and people served by SM+ and Forum"

      Wilson Moherdaui - Publisher da Fórum Editorial

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