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Round Table: on May 18, 2022 we had a unique meeting.

The Round Table is a face-to-face meeting whose theme is always relevant to IT management in companies and brings together a select group of executives to discuss relevant issues to optimize the IT’s daily life.

 These are meetings that generate a very rich content and provide an excellent experience for its participants, specialists in the IT sector and companies that provide solutions and services for these segments.

In this hybrid event, we brought together IT executives from renowned companies in the media, telecommunications, airline, pharmaceutical, health, financial, legal, food and agribusiness sectors, to discuss the topic: “Challenges and benefits of adopting Software as a Service (SaaS).



      After starting with the business areas (such as sales and marketing) and back office applications, to finally reach today even infrastructure systems, the SaaS modality (Software as a Service) has become a common choice for IT managers in large companies.

        This is especially relevant nowadays, when the companies are not able to train IT professionals at the speed they need.
        Given this scenario, it has been crucial for IT areas to focus their teams on activities that directly impact their business.

        In this Round Table, held for the first time in a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual), IT executives discussed the challenges of consuming this type of software as a service, related to the need to access key IT assets: equipment, cloud services, codes of application. Participants in the round table, coordinated by the publisher of Informática Hoje, Wilson MoherdauiAlex Vieira, MBA, CIO os Hcor, Cássia Ferreira, technology manager at, Cássio Portella Leite, executive manager in the technology department of Banco do Brasil; Cesar Martins da Costa, executive superintendent of infrastructure and open and cloud engineering at Bradesco; Margarida Afonso (guide), senior technology executive at Banco Santander; Fernando Lucena, general IT manager at Azul Linhas Aéreas; Moisés Ferrari, director of infrastructure and responsible for the cloud center of excellence at Tim Celular; Raymundo Avelino Aben Athar, coordinator of integrated management of IT services and projects at the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories; Rodolfo Vilarinho, superintendent of technology at Dasa; and Thiago Castro, infrastructure and operations director for South America at Bunge Alimentos.

Our special thanks to time Micro Focus Brasil
for participation and support: MARCO LEONE - VP & GM, Rogerio Sartori - DevSecvOps Sales Strategist, Paulo Pereira - Senior Account Manager, Denise Yazbek e Catia Maraschin-Hudson - Marketing Brasil.

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