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A meeting to remember
BioCatch Gourmet Experience

An international-scale event with a lot of content and analysis of the new directions and paths of Digital Transformation, The challenges were great, but the event added a lot in relation to the answers that each company can give to what will come ahead. SM+ is proud to have actively participated in the conceptual development of the project and promoted the engagement of more than 18 strategic partners of Micro Focus, through the commercialization of sponsorship quotas for the event,   to manage a team impeccable who contributed and acted in the organization of the entire virtual structure of the event, in addition to having brought together people and corporations who can now remain in contact and expand more and more.

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"Congratulations to the whole team for the excellent work. Just looking at the pictures made me hungry."

Paula Schaffer Ellis

BioCatch Global Marketing

"They sent very well, the event was sensational. In a totally welcoming and friendly environment...."

Luiz Henrique (Cabuloso) 

Banco Itaú

"The event was unforgettable! Congratulations on the organization. In addition to learning from colleagues about the Fraud challenges, I also learned how to cook a new dish"

Marcos Horwath

BTG Pactual

"The event was amazing! We received a lot of positive feedback from our guests. Without you, the event could not happen."

Cassiano Cavalcanti

Director Pre-Sales  - BioCatch


Parts created by the team SM+ to provide maximum information and welcome to all




Reinforcement and map



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