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Strategic Partnerships

Imagine and we at SM+ make it happen.

With a broad and solid experience in different areas of business communication, SM+is prepared to enable  from small events to great achievements idealized by your company.  

We have a complete team that operates in an integrated manner, committed to deadlines and to optimizing the available funds,  and is mainly able to make different types of marketing actions a reality, aimed at exchanging of knowledge or for the integration between professionals, companies and teams.

SM+ makes unique and mainly productive meetings happen for everyone involved.

Our role is to integrate communication, expand the offer of new ideas and, above all, meet the objectives of companies that seek constant evolution and diversity of knowledge.

Establishing strategic partnerships with specialized professionals, our goal is to bring together expertise and  to provide the best experiences for our customers.

Tell us your idea!

services SM+
oriented to
your company

1 / Relationship events and content - B2B

They are developed in a personalized way, aiming to provide a differentiated and exclusive contact between strategic IT executives and companies that provide technological solutions.
They can be performed in a way face-to-face, virtual or hybrid.
2 / Exclusive events for the corporate world
This event format aims to bring together the company's strategic executives to discuss unique solutions that can add value to  its customers, in addition, of course, to providing the exchange of experiences and strategic business vision of these executives within these corporations,
The SM+ team will always have a creative idea to help your company stand out or even to create greater engagement between teams.
3 / Targeted and personalized communication and content

In years of action focused on IT and Telecom, we have developed strategic partnerships with renowned companies in their areas of activity, for the generation of qualified content and support events. which results in highly accurate communication aligned with the interests of each target audience.

4 / Customized marketing with quality outsourcing

With creative and targeted actions, we leverage the visibility of technologies and companies, highlight the differentials of their offers and strengthen their communication with their customers. an extension of the company focused on generating new business. If there is a challenge to increase visibility in the target market, we have the experience to support your company.

5 / A differentiated support with the search for sponsorships
Due to its specialization and competence, SM+ can contribute to the commercialization and total outsourcing of the events that your company has scheduled for the year and in the prospection of sponsorships, with strategic alignment with the company's interests.
We connect people and organizations in a unique way.
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