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Micro Focus Realize Brasil 2021  a disruptive event that brought together executives from different segments through a 100% digital and interactive platform, to discuss the directions of Digital Transformation.

An  international event that has already toured the main business centers, took place for the first time in Brazil with the aim of   offering differentiated content, strategic vision and analysis of the new directions and paths of Digital Transformation, to the main IT managers in the Brazilian market.

SM+ is very proud to have been asked to manage this great innovative project.

We had the opportunity to actively participate in all stages: from the conceptual and visual development of the project,   to promoting the engagement of several teams that worked remotely to meet the demands that a large event requires from technically responsible for the development of the  digital platform that would house all actions and interactions from the pre-event to  big day, from dedicated content team, which published almost daily a headline about the content that the event would offer its visitors, from the advertising and digital media development team that worked strongly with creative campaigns to create public engagement with the themes that would be addressed, thus creating interest and attracting registrations for the event and last but not least ante, from the   team that presented the benefits and how strategic this event would be for  the partners Micro Focus, through the sale of sponsorship quotas, so that the event became this great spectacle.


We can say that the experience was unique for everyone involved!

Developing an event of this size from scratch and in record time, in the midst of a pandemic, required exclusive dedication and   synchronized work from the entire team. The event brought together people and corporations that can now keep in touch and expand.


Strength and success comes from teamwork!

Many thanks to the entire team involved, who were impeccable, who contributed with new ideas and who worked side by side in the organization of this great event.

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A second stage event

Realize Brasil brought together, in its two stages, the main representatives of the largest companies in the country, who were able to interact in the various content spaces available to the public. 

The event was attended by  businessmen and technical professionals from the most diverse segments of the market and focused on the use of technologies that can contribute to increased productivity, profitability and competitiveness

Warm Up - January 27, 2021
Event - February 9, 2021

The Warm Up

In this first stage of the event, we were able to present the strategic vision of some specialists in the IT sector on the technologies that have helped companies in digital acceleration.

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A whole day of lots of content and discussions! 

CIOs and CSOs from Finance, Healthcare, Telcos, Media and Government discuss service management, DevOps and security. 

Each of the more than 20 experts and IT leaders on Realize's talk shows already has a history of complex innovation and quality challenges in large-scale projects. Together, they shared all this learning and discussed in a pragmatic and in-depth way what lies ahead. Based on the experience of professionals at Banco do Brasil, Banrisul, Claro,, Porto Seguro, TJDF, Cielo and Hospital Sírio e Libanês, and other projects carried out by partners, we cover the challenges, solutions and trends of Digital Transformation , Besides  a lot of interaction with experts when visiting the virtual fair.


Disclosure  diary of preparatory content for the event

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The best talk shows in the area


Simplify your IT transformation, eliminate complexity and accelerate service delivery.


Accelerate application delivery with high quality and low risk. Reliably scale Agile.


strengthen your

cyber-resilience with Application Security, Data and Privacy.


join the

PANEL of CIO's on IT strategies for the new times.

SM+ won a considerable number of strategic partners for o event Realize Brasil

Communicationo addressed to each sponsor
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Virtual booths created exclusively for the event with online interaction in real time.

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