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Talk Shows - to broaden discussions and generate new business 

This initiative aims to promote visibility for companies that provide solutions that want discuss topics that address emerging solutions and that come in line with their offers for the market.

A conducive environment for sharing expertise between specialists and their experiences linked to the innovation needs of professionals who run the largest companies in Brazil

Uma great tool support  to expand business generation  together with strategic verticals for the company.


Black Friday

Infrastructure and DevOps Experts Discuss Synergy and Effective Collaboration

in Digital Transformation 

We took Black Friday as a hook because it is a typical case in which the delivery of competitive feat
ures and services has to be fast, while the infrastructure also has to adapt to loads and events, at a time when business is most depend on IT”, explains Rogério Sartori, strategist for DevOps at Micro Focus and mediator of the talk show.


At events like Black Friday and other big projects or opportunities,

every step of the journey is decisive; from usability of functions and interfaces to response time.

Business vision and user experience are essential.

But all this depends on Quality, Performance and Safety

for good ideas to happen, and for the application to generate results.

In this Black Friday Talk Show, our special guests Igor Freitas, head of Digital Transformation at XP Investimentos and Filipe Jaske, head of IT infrastructure at Via,

gave a show of knowledge about Digital Transformation. What we did was gather

a professional focused on invention and business change

and another that guarantees the conditions for all this to work. 

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